Our bodies are still a mystery to us. All science and mythology still has yet to discover all the amazing and complex things our bodies do for us. I’d like to explore what we’ve discovered, and encourage gratitude for something most of us take for granted a LOT more than we should. Your body is a miracle.

A Miracle of Consistency

Your body never stops. It literally NEVER stops, until you’re dead. Your heart is always beating, your lungs are always breathing. Your liver is making enzymes, your cells are methylating. Even when you sleep, your consciousness gets a rest, but your body goes into overdrive. Ironically, sleep is when your body really gets to work. Supporting your consciousness through the day is a taxing process, and you’ll notice you’re less conscious, centred and focused the longer you go without sleep. Just stop for a second, appreciate that even the concept of consciousness is… breathtakingly complicated – but your body supports your consciousness until you die.

Your Body’s Miraculous Intelligence

Anyone that thinks they are smarter than their own body is stupid. Just plain stupid. You have absolutely no idea the complexity and variability of the functions and processes your body undertakes to support you. Taking the food you provide and turning it into energy, creativity, and a physically new you. When you smell that food, your body creates and excretes different amounts of acid and digestive enzymes based purely on the biochemical smell of the food you plan to ingest. Just the thought can provoke the response (think of tasting a lemon).

You breathe, eat and touch substances all day that are toxic, pro oxidative and very dangerous to your body, but your body takes it in stride. Every day, without fail, your body cleanses your cells, regenerates damaged tissue and repairs any injuries sustained. Your body does all of this for you, and you don’t have to give it a second thought, or even a first. A miracle happening in your body.

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The Extraordinary Intuition of Your Body

Through emotions and feeling, your body is constantly guiding you. I can’t pretend to understand how this works, but if you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The subtle whisper of guidance, a tiny nudge in the right direction, an inkling that something just isn’t right. As I’m slowly becoming more and more in tune with my body and how it communicates with me, I notice the subtle guidance my body and emotions grant me. I still find it very difficult to ‘listen to my gut’ and often rationalise my way out of my intuitive thought, but when it goes wrong, and I contemplate retrospectively, I regularly find the intuition was there and I just didn’t pay enough attention.

The Amazing Memory of Your Body

In many ways, our body can be compared to a highly advanced biological computer. A great example is our memory. Even top of the line computers rarely have over several terabytes of storage space – 1000000000000 bytes. For one, it’s hard to imagine why we would even need this much storage space, but secondly, the size of the tangible storage medium increases as we increase the storage capacity and our brains do a LOT more than just store information. Our brains are estimated to have a storage capacity of over 2.5 petabytes[1] (2500000000000000 bytes), but I feel confident in saying this number is VASTLY underestimated.

There are centurions that can remember childhood memories as though they happened yesterday in perfect clarity. Perhaps the greatest feature of human memory is how we can remember significant events, unique experiences that we want to remember, and at the same time we can forget, almost blur memories all in to the same thing. If you think back to something monotonous you did years ago, it’s likely you’ll remember the activity as a singular blurred event instead of the countless individual experiences.

Your body is smarter than you

This article is a little less ‘scientific’ than I usually like to write, but when it comes to the innate intelligence and wisdom our bodies have, it’s hard to find science that matches the mood. The point I’m trying to convey is that your body is smart. Your body is so vastly, supremely, unimaginably intelligent, and it’s there to serve you. Every second of every day, your body is fighting for you. You might doubt yourself, but your body never does. You might stop caring, but your body never does. Furthermore, you might give up, but your body never does. Your body is a miracle. I think illness and disease are vastly misunderstood; Autoimmunity for example.


If you think your body is just ‘attacking itself’ and that it is confused and doesn’t know what it’s doing, I just can’t believe that. It’s well documented that most autoimmunity is induced following an infection of some sort[2]. Perhaps a stressful life experience, poor sleep, or inadequate nutrition lowered immunity and allowed a pathogen to take advantage of the host. As the body fights this infection, the infection has various mechanisms to defend itself. Perhaps it hides in host cells, inducing seemingly autoimmune symptoms[3]. Or maybe the pathogen creates proteins and other molecules that are similar to host tissues in order to deceive the body into an autoimmune type reaction[4] known as molecular mimicry[5].

Embracing the Miracle of Your Body

I really just want you to appreciate all that your body does for you. I know how hard it is to appreciate your level of health when you’re surrounded by healthier people with less healthy habits. It’s so frustrating to feel like a prisoner, that your body isn’t working or even that it’s working against you, but believing that isn’t going to serve you in the slightest. Believe your body is trying its hardest, doing its best, and do everything you can to support it, and abundant health will only be a matter of time. Your body is indeed a miracle.

Thank you for reading, I love you all.

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