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Arrange a meeting at a time that is convenient for you. our scheduling software adjusts to your time zone for ease and clarity, our payment capture automatically handles currency conversions allowing you to effortlessly book in to start the healing process.
Book a Root Cause consultation EFFORTLESSLY
you do the talking, i do the listening
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Share as much detail as possible - short of your whole life story, nothing is too much. Send me functional testing, blood tests, methylation panels and all of the other documents you may have acumulated over the years. I'll go over all of this in my own time before our consultations and bring all of my conclusions to you to be discussed in our plan of action moving forward.
you do the talking, i do the listening
find answers, get results.
Confidence & Certainty

I will give you the answers to all the questions your specialists can't. Your body is intelligent and every symptom is a clue on the path to true healing. You will leave this consultation understanding exactly what is happening to you, and exactly the simple, tanglible, actionable steps you need to take towards healing.
find answers, get results.

How I Can Help

1:1 Coaching

Information alone is never enough to facilitate life changing results. I walk with you hand in hand towards your highest being.

Health Programs

Overcome unpleasant symptoms and chronic pain utilizing a root cause approach for speed and efficacy.

gut health

Ilumina method

Develop emotional capacity, break the chains of generational trauma and relax into self-actualization and alignment to manifest your dreams.


I've been where you are now. I know the struggles . I know the hardships. I know the doubts that play in your mind. I am here for you.

Your Options

Root Cause

Tracing symptoms back to the root cause is the only path to true healing. The Root Cause is of paramount importance in ALL of our products and services.

Digestive Complaints

The reach of digestive illness goes far beyond solely digestive symptoms. From brain fog and fatigue to depression and autoimmunity, we will get your gut back in shape using the proven “5 Pillars Protocol” in our gut health starter bundle

Chronic Multi-system Illness

Having personally made a full recovery from years of toxic mold exposure, William has already helped HUNDREDS recover from digestive and auto immune conditions. If You’re new to the world of holistic healing, get started with our full stack of resources including 12+ courses, 5+ Ebooks, Group classes and more.

Emotional Root Cause

We strongly believe there is a deeper, emotional, and metaphysical reason/causation behind all physical illness and disease. A truly holistic disease requires a truly holistic healing process. Come and experience our pattent pending Ilumina© method.

feeling is believing


Some treasured feedback


Joe Dillon

7 Figures Wholesale

“I hired him [William] for detoxing from mold, and we are well on our way to healing that, and we are also driving into some emotional and somatic work which has helped a ton feeling connected to myself and my body. (…)”


Charlotte Mather


“I was looking for solutions for my daughter’s Misophonia for years… we tried anything and everything and I almost gave up but wouldn’t give in until I tried working with William Dickinson online. His information on this matter has changed our lives. (…)”


Edward Sobolewski


“I have learned so much more from William during a relatively short time, than from all other sources (doctors, groups, communities) combined, for the last five years. It dramatically refined my approach to rebuilding gut health using ‘the 5 pillars’ concept.”

Kian Xie

Kian Xie


“William has helped me with both my nutrition/physical health journey and with Somatic Release Technique. (…) He also helped me feel safe and ready to let go of addictive behaviors and substances that were holding me back. One thing I found unique about William is that he is very attentive in the present moment and in tune with feelings and energies on a very subtle and specific level. (…)”


Lisa Kemp


” (…) After watching a few of his live posts I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he absolutely knew this stuff. He is patient, kind, considerate, and had total empathy with his clients.His knowledge is considerable and wide-ranging (…)


Emily Hasselbach


“William has been really helpful in my health journey! I really appreciate his perspective especially since he has lived the journey himself. I have gotten more from him than many doctors I’ve seen!”

Sun Ye Turner

sun Ye Turner


“In my personal experience with William, I found that he really cares and listens to everything you say. I have tried traditional doctors but they don’t listen to my concerns and want to give generic treatments as if it works for everyone. William will not do that. (…)


Dom Gee


“William has helped me understand what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I’ve worked with “health professionals” for over 10 years and I didn’t get anything near what I’ve got from William. He empowers you to make the right decisions, his knowledge and understanding of human physiology are immense! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. “


Manuela Faustino


“William has been treating me for about 2 months I’ve got quite a few health problems and he has been wonderful with me always finds a solution for any health issues much better than a doctor, always happy to help at any time I just can’t thank him enough, I can see all the improvements in my health. I definitely recommend seeing William. He is the best you can count on him”

Vicky Lowe Shininger

Vicky Lowe Shininger


” (…) Having toxic mold levels, as well as mast cell activation disorder, and autoimmune issues, I really was at the end of my rope for how to “heal. I learned quickly that William dives deep into your gut to begin the healing there. (…) my mold levels have dropped more than 30% since we’ve started, and I’m having more better days that I’m able to function without exhaustion.(…)

Courtney Stalley

Courtney Stalley


“I have never felt so heard in my whole life. I was ignored by so many doctors. And told there’s nothing wrong with me. Meanwhile, all my hair was falling out, I dropped weight so fast, my skin was bright red, and I couldn’t keep food down or sleep. And having someone explain every single one of my symptoms and why it’s happening and how to fix it…William literally gave me my sanity back. And I couldn’t put a price on that.

Richard Manning

Richard Manning


“I discovered William when in dire need of support with my histamine intolerance. From the first few YouTube videos, I watched it was clear that William was in another league – extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and well-informed, yet also incredibly human. Since becoming a client, what stands
out to me is William’s level of care. He is flexible in his approach and there is no one-size-fits-all. You feel cared for and most importantly for me, for the very first time….heard. I couldn’t recommend more!”