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gut health bundle

Are you tired of dealing with digestive issues like bloating, constipation, and irregular bowel movements?

Do you feel like these issues are holding you back from living your best life?

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious about your digestive issues?

Do you feel like bloating, constipation and irregular bowel movements are holding you back from living your best life? 

I know how you feel… I’ve been there too.

Some people may even feel frustrated or overwhelmed by their symptoms or may feel anxious or depressed because of the impact that their gut issues have on their daily life.

Gut issues can have a significant impact on your quality of life and overall health. They can cause discomfort, disrupt daily activities, and even lead to nutrient deficiencies and decreased energy levels. 

We know how frustrating and isolating digestive issues can be. They can cause discomfort and disrupt daily activities, even lead to nutrient deficiencies and decreased energy levels, and it can be hard to feel confident and in control when you’re dealing with these issues. 

But the good news is that there is HOPE. With the right knowledge and tools, you can improve your gut health and alleviate common digestive issues.

This is the truth: Your life shouldn’t be defined by your health.

and it doesnt have to be

That’s why we created this Gut Health Bundle.

our Gut Health Bundle is designed to provide you with the education and guidance you need to take control of your gut health and improve your digestion. Whether you are dealing with specific digestive issues or simply looking to improve your overall gut health, our course has something to offer.

Imagine finally being able to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about bloating, discomfort, or other digestive issues. Imagine feeling confident and in control of your gut health and being able to identify and manage any food sensitivities you may have.




This is what I am going to teach you in this Bundle.

For many people, digestive issues and food sensitivities can be a constant source of frustration and discomfort. Bloating, constipation, and irregular bowel movements can disrupt daily activities, and certain foods can trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, gas, or abdominal pain.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right knowledge and tools, you can improve your gut health, identify and manage any food sensitivities you may have, and enjoy a varied and enjoyable diet without worrying about digestive issues. And that’s exactly what our Gut Health Bundle is designed to do.

Join us and learn from the expert how to identify and manage  AND HEAL food sensitivities, improve your gut health, and enjoy a varied and enjoyable diet without worrying about digestive issues. 

Discover the root causes of your digestive issues and food sensitivities and learn how to address them. 

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your gut health and food sensitivities and experience the benefits of optimal gut health, including increased energy and better immune function.

Come and learn step by step how to heal your gut and improve your life quality.

gut health bundle

What is the Gut Health Bundle?

Our Gut Health Bundle is a combination of resources designed to provide solutions to improve gut health and address common digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and irregular bowel movements. It includes information on topics such as the role of the gut microbiome, the impact of diet and lifestyle on gut health, and strategies for improving digestion and reducing common digestive issues.

The format of the Gut Health Bundle is delivered online through videos, lectures, ebooks, and other forms of content, and includes additional resources such as recipe guides, the most comprehensive food sensitivities list, and shopping lists. All information is back with scientific reference material

The length and duration of the Gut Health Bundle will depend on your rhythm. It is important to review the course materials and schedule to understand the commitment required and whether it aligns with your availability and goals.

gut health bundle

is This For me?

Anyone who is interested in improving their gut health and addressing common digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and irregular bowel movements. It may be particularly helpful for individuals who:

  • Are experiencing digestive issues: If you are dealing with digestive issues and are looking for a path to improve your gut health and alleviate these symptoms, this course may be a good fit.
  • Want to improve their overall health and well-being: Improved gut health can contribute to overall health and well-being, and this course may be helpful for anyone who is looking to improve their energy levels, immune function, and overall health.
  • Are interested in learning about gut health: If you are interested in learning more about gut health and how to improve it, this course may provide the education and guidance you are looking for.
  • Want support and accountability: If you are looking for a supportive community and accountability to help you stay on track with your gut health goals, this course may be a good choice.

gut health bundle

what is included?

5 Pillars to Heal Your Gut Course​

gut health basics and supplementation guide

Comprehensive Food Sensitivities Document

a fool-proof guide to avoiding trigger foods

A Healthy Diet For Me Course

build a gut healing diet personalsed for you

gut health bundle


Food Combining Ebook

Digestion isn’t rocket science, but it is science. Utilise the rules of “food combining” to support the scientific understanding of the digestive process, reducing gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort by up to 80% in 2 days.

The 5 Biggest Blocks To True Healing Ebook

My 5-step formula guarantees to lead you towards chronic disease reversal. Using these 5 foundational steps I’ve seen incurable illness reversed, chronic pain cured and autoimmunity sent into permanent remission.

advantages of having the 


Relief from symptoms

After receiving a diagnosis, people with gut issues may want to focus on finding ways to manage and alleviate their symptoms. We KNOW addressing the root cause provides the highest levels of symptom relief in the shortest time - and that's exactly what this bundle will do.

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Improved Quality of Life

Many people with gut issues want to improve their quality of life and be able to live as normal a life as possible. This bundle gives you the tools to get back to normality as fast as possible, and sets you up to heal food sensitivities and other chnroic symptoms.


The road to recovery with a chronic illness is challenging, and you will need support.

We are only ever an email away and are here to support you and answer your questions throughout your healing process

Oh yea, they poop it like it’s hot! And they might have 99 problems, but the gut ain’t one.

Thousands of Happy Clients

"Your course is excellent, by the way. ​ You’re so clinically minded but have a great way of simplifying things from the perspective of the patient."
Peggy S Ryan
“I was looking for solutions for my daughter’s Misophonia for years… we tried anything and everything and I almost gave up but wouldn’t give in until I tried working with William Dickinson online. His information on this matter has changed our lives. “
Charlotte Mather
I have learned so much more from William during a relatively short time, than from all other sources (doctors, groups, communities) combined, for the last five years. Based on his suggestions during our 1:1 sessions, Health Potion Academy classes, and live videos I am changing so many things in my approach to regain better health, he even got me on juicing and eating liver, and lard (which might not be good for everybody, as our issues are all different). It dramatically refined my approach to rebuilding gut health using ‘the 5 pillars’ concept. I feel so much better now. What at first caught my attention, was William’s absolute honesty and a very approachable and easy-to-understand explanation of how the body functions and utilizes the available resources.
Edward Sobolewski
William has helped me understand what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Being a qualified nutritional therapist myself, I thought I knew it all. Turns out I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. William has a knack for explaining things in an easy-to-understand way. I’ve worked with “health professionals” for over 10 years and I didn’t get anything near what I’ve got from William. He empowers you to make the right decisions, his knowledge and understanding of human physiology are immense! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. I’ve still a long way to go but I know I’m on the right path!
Dom Gee
I have never felt so heard in my whole life. I was ignored by so many doctors. And told there’s nothing wrong with me. Meanwhile, all my hair was falling out, I dropped weight so fast, my skin was bright red, and I couldn’t keep food down or sleep. And having someone explain every single one of my symptoms and why it’s happening and how to fix it…William literally gave me my sanity back. And I couldn’t put a price on that. I joked with him today about naming our firstborn after him
Courtney Stalley

This Bundle isn't for you if...

gut health bundle

What is included

gut health bundle






William Dickinson

Having witnessed the innate intelligence and unlimited healing capacity of the body, I have dedicated my life to sharing this insight and helping my clients heal their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

I haven’t a shred of doubt in your ability to heal, because I know the body. I know how it breaks, and I know how to fix it – I will show you how, so you can find healing within yourself.


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