Healing with William

Would you like to be in charge of your body being strong and healthy?
This means you can live your life the way you want without always dealing with things that might make you feel unwell.
Come be part of the Healing with William group. It’s a bunch of people who believe in taking care of their health in a natural way.
Get ready to change the way you look after your body.

Start Your Journey To Feeling Strong And in Control Of Your Healing Right Now!

Do you sometimes have ongoing health problems that bother you a lot? Do you want to find a way to get rid of long-lasting illnesses and learn about a different way of healing?

Learn how your body can get better by itself and make clever choices for your health. Sometimes, we don’t talk a lot about special ways to stay healthy, and the usual ideas might not always work. But don’t worry! “Healing with William” is here to help you get stronger and healthier.

This special group, led by William Dickinson, wants to show you that your body can make itself feel better. We want to help you solve problems with your health.

At “Healing with William,” when your body feels strange, it’s like a clue. It helps us find out what might be wrong with your health. Every health problem has a solution. Join a group of people who think like you. 

We want to learn about special ways to be healthy, even the parts that aren’t about our bodies. You can make your body feel better on your own.

In the “Healing with William” group, you’ll learn a lot and get help from others who think the same way. We want to help you make good choices about your health. You won’t feel lost or alone.

Like “Healing with William” has already helped many people, you can feel better too. Are you ready to take the first step to a healthier life? Join “Healing with William” and learn all about taking care of your body and feeling better. Your journey to healing is starting now!

What is included

Group Meetings Live

Come to live sessions with William. You'll learn good tips, useful advice, and how to feel better on your health journey.

Being Together and Making Friends

Join our friendly group, meet people who are like you, and share stories to make new friends while you get better.

Useful Stuff

Find lots of useful guides, lessons, and tools we picked to help you understand and feel better in a natural way.

Questions and Answers for You

Ask your important questions to William. You'll get special advice that's made for you and your health.

Special Classes by Experts

Discover new things from famous experts in our special classes. They talk about lots of different things to help you know more and feel better.

Tools for Your Health Trip

Try out our unique tools made to help you go through your health journey feeling sure of yourself.


Healing with William

In the “Healing with William” group, you can begin a special journey to become healthier in your body and in special ways you might not know about.

Every week, you can join classes that give you lots of helpful information and tools. These help you know how to take care of your body and mind.

By following the simple steps we show you, you can improve how you feel about your body. This group helps you be in control of how you feel. Join the Healing with William group and see big changes in how you think about your health – forever.

#1 Root Cause & Functional Testing Review

#2 Ilumina Method - Emotional Root Cause

#3 The Philosophy of healing - the 5 biggest blocks to true healing and how to overcome them

#4 Ilumina method - Intro to shadow work, what are needs and how do we meet them?

#5 Exploring Fascia: Importance and Emotional Connections

#6 Ilumina method - hierarchy of values, family constellations therapy, meditation of surrender

#7 Healing with Light - Circadian Rhythms, Red Light Therapy, Artificial Light

#8 Gut Health - Microflora and Constipation

#9 Claiming Your Healing Process: the importance of anger and how boundaries actually work

#10 Hormones 1:1 with Clare Temple ND

#11 Metaphysical Meaning of Your Symptoms

How does
it work?​

Healing with William

Every Week, Live Meetings

Join our live sessions with William. He talks about important topics such as gut health, illnesses that last a long time, and different ways of thinking. You can ask questions and learn from him during these fun sessions.

Useful Stuff​

Get into a special collection of helpful things like guides, lessons, and tools. They can help you learn more about gut health and long-lasting illnesses. We picked these things for you to feel stronger on your healing journey.

Being Together and Making Friends​

Become friends with people who think like you in our friendly group. Tell your stories, share good ideas, and help each other, even outside the computer. Together, we create a happy place for getting better and learning new things.


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Happy Clients

You will have immediate access to ...

Healing with William Community
but what is really the community?

The Healing with William group helps you learn about keeping your tummy healthy and feeling better. You can find tools and lessons that show you how to be healthy.

I don't understand medical terms

You don’t need to know anything before; that’s exactly why the Healing with William group is here: to teach everyone about health and help them go from the start to feeling better! Oh, and we promise not to use hard words; we like to keep things simple.

And what is the networking for?

Being in the Healing with William group means you’re also part of a special network. If you have questions or good ideas, this is the right place to talk. Our group is thankful for its members and we help and support each other, even outside the computer.

All this for how much

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  • Live Sessions Every Week
  • Daily Q&A with William
  • Tools, guides, and supporting materials
Automatic Subscription Renewal Every Month




  • Live Sessions Every Week
  • Daily Q&A with William
  • Tools, guides, and supporting materials
  • 20% OFF
Automatic Subscription Renewal Every 3 months




  • Live Sessions Every Week
  • Daily Q&A with William
  • Tools, guides, and supporting materials
  • 2 months for Free
  • Free Access to the Gut Health Bundle
Automatic Subscription Renewal Every 12 months

We are confident that you will love being part of our community, but if you ever wish to opt-out, you can do so at any time, ‘no questions asked’!

William Dickinson

Having witnessed the innate intelligence and unlimited healing capacity of the body, I have dedicated my life to sharing this insight and helping my clients heal their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

I haven’t a shred of doubt in your ability to heal, because I know the body. I know how it breaks, and I know how to fix it – I will show you how, so you can find healing within yourself.


What People say

This healing community is very worthwhile. Real people. Honest conversations. No forced ideology, diets, routines, judgment. Just a refreshing, shared awareness about the common yet unique struggles of chronic illness and a blanket sense of compassionate and competent open-mindedness as to what healing looks like and can be (even in the most unexpected things, actions, people, & places).
Founding group member and 1:1 client
Worth every single penny of that €30 for this group. It is worth much more from all we learn and just to feel normal that we aren't alone. So thank you William from the bottom of my heart. Confirms in me even more that I really need to do a one-on-one session with you as soon as I have the funds together. I see in the group the people who do the one-on-one sessions are progressing even faster, but no matter how far along or beginning we all help one another in there.
Founding group member
Time zones make joining ‘live’ difficult as I’m not great at 3am but listening to the recordings I find lots of ‘golden nuggets’ in there that light up my brain and make me excited to hear the next workshop and then read the valuable chatter that follows each session. I have MS and I’m currently recovering from having an extremely large tumour removed from my leg but thanks to William’s insights and wisdom I’m feeling excited for my future. It’s a steal at 30 euros a month!!
Founding group member & 1:1 client
This is the first group I have come across that is focused on health with actually a close-knit group of people who want to learn from each other openly, in all aspects of life. Besides, I think William with all his knowledge and experience is best suited to lead this group.
Founding group member & 1:1 client
It’s been really nice to be around people with so much knowledge & experience who are so willing to do whatever it takes to get better - While supporting one another through whatever they are going through. It’s uplifting, positive, & encouraging, which is what I was starving for. The changes we are all experiencing together in different ways is such a beautiful thing. It’s a breath of fresh air.
Group member

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