Some people might wonder why others do coffee enemas and why they are so popular. The answer is simple: they work. Although the science behind it is not well researched, the fact that it is based on word of mouth and anecdotal evidence shows that it is effective. Enemas have been used for centuries as a tool for healing[1], and coffee enemas are the latest and most powerful addition to our healing arsenal.

Why Coffee? And why the Butt?

Chemicals found in coffee can trigger physiological and biological processes in our body when introduced into the enterohepatic circulation through a rectal enema. This can improve weight loss, detoxification, and even induce mental or spiritual revelations. When we drink coffee, our stomach acid breaks down many of these chemicals. However, with an enema, the compounds, such as palmitic acids kahweol[2] and cafestol palmitate[3], as well as caffeine, are not broken down and are absorbed directly into our enterohepatic circulation through our portal vein, resulting in effects like increased antioxidant activity and dilation of blood vessels, bile, and liver ducts, which are beneficial for detoxification.

Palmitic Acids

Palmitic acids are said to boost the enzyme glutathione reductase up to 700% when introduced rectally to the liver. Glutathione reductase is important because it catalyzes the reduction of glutathione disulfide (GSSG) to the sulfhydryl form glutathione (GSH), which is a critical molecule in resisting oxidative stress and maintaining the reducing environment of the cell[4]. This is crucial for detoxification, which causes a lot of oxidative damage, so having the ability to reduce this damage is extremely helpful.


Caffeine affects our body in various ways, including providing energy and mental focus by affecting energy metabolism[5] and offering protection against neurodegenerative diseases[6]. However, for now, let’s focus on the immediate effects of caffeine during a coffee enema.


Vaso means circulatory system and Dilation means to enlarge or widen. This means that your blood vessels relax, allowing for increased blood flow to deliver nutrients where they are needed. This positive feedback loop works in conjunction with the coffee enema because caffeine reaches the liver through the circulatory system, where its effects become more pronounced.

Biliary Effects

Caffeine also dilates the bile ducts, similarly to how it dilates blood vessels. This process is remarkable because it allows the liver and gallbladder to effectively drain and expel bile, resulting in thinner and looser bile. The gallbladder contracts strongly, which can force liver and gallbladder stones out through the now-dilated bile ducts, allowing larger stones to pass safely. 

This process is highly beneficial for overall health, especially for those who lack an appropriate amount of fat in their diets. But the benefits of increased bile flow don’t stop there. Bile has many purposes, and coffee enemas enhance its function in every way. Once toxins are processed by the liver, they are packaged into bile for excretion by the body. Once excreted into the bowel, bile serves another incredible function. Think of trying to wash an oily dish without washing up liquid – it’s impossible. This is because oils and fats are hydrophobic and do not mix with water.

To solve the problem of hydrophobic fats, we use emulsification[7]. Emulsification involves using bile, which works in a similar way to washing up liquid, to mix fat with water. Bile not only emulsifies fat from your diet but also serves as a cleaning agent in your intestines. The body’s cleaning and cleansing mechanisms, including bile, play a crucial role in preventing dysbiosis-based diseases like candida overgrowth and SIBO. Bile can break up biofilm and bacterial communities and helps to maintain order in the gut.

Vagal Tone

Let’s talk more about cleaning and cleansing through gastrointestinal motility. Coffee enema stimulates the vagus nerve, responsible for digestion and GI motility, through colon distension and coffee compounds. This is significant because the vagus nerve controls many parasympathetic nervous system functions, including bile secretion, stomach acid, and enzyme secretion. This stimulation enhances the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms, which is essential for our overall health.

Coffee Enema Procedure

Performing a coffee enema doesn’t have a fixed way, as there are many other procedures and protocols available. However, with my experience, I can provide you with a brief guide.


To perform a coffee enema, you’ll need an enema kit with an adjustable flow tap. You’ll also need organic coffee, but fancy “enema coffee” is not necessary. Bowel preparation is highly recommended before administering the coffee enema, and you can do this by having a natural bowel movement, doing a water enema or taking natural laxatives like a salt flush. Skipping dinner the night before is optional but helpful. Towels are needed to lie on and to prop your bum into the air.

The Enema

Begin with one tablespoon of coffee in 2 cups of water and hold for 15 minutes, then gradually increase to 3 tablespoons in 4 cups of water. Boil the coffee for 15 minutes, filter it, and let it cool to around 38-40°C. You can choose any comfortable position to lie in. It’s crucial to relax during the procedure, or the coffee won’t flow in. Insert the enema tube about 5cm into your rectum, introduce the coffee gradually, and take it slowly.
To reduce cramps and aid coffee flow, gently massage your abdomen. Hold the enema for up to 15 minutes before expelling in the toilet. This is an excellent chance to meditate, be mindful and feel gratitude.
Once you’ve completed the coffee enema, it’s beneficial to do probiotic retention, where you insert probiotics into your rectum and retain them. Another option is to add probiotics to your coffee solution. Clean your enema bag with soap and water, and if you use it frequently, that should be enough. For occasional use, you can use food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Remember to change your tubes every few months and avoid sharing enema bags.


It’s important to emphasize the need for aftercare with coffee enemas. While they can enhance detoxification, it’s an energy and nutrient-intensive process. Responsible use of coffee enemas is vital, and they should be part of a holistic healing plan that includes sleep, nutrition, and stress management.
In my opinion, coffee enemas played a crucial role in my recovery from illness. Now that you understand why and how they are beneficial for the body, I hope you feel motivated to try them. If you found this information useful, please share it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Monika Mruczek 14 de February, 2021at11:41 AM

    I love reading your blog! I started doing coffee enemas and they are brilliant. One thing I noticed is that I started feeling and hearing “the gurgling” in my guts after eating foods and never had them before. They started a few days after I started doing my daily enemas. Could you please advise why is it happening?

  2. Lozi 9 de August, 2021at2:37 AM

    Thank you for sharing. Do you mind sharing what illnesses you were dealing with? I’m dealing with bacteria overgrowth in my gut. And what else did you do for healing? Thanks!

  3. William Dickinson 14 de January, 2022at9:00 AM

    This could be due to increased bile flow. Bile is a potent antimicrobial and has many functions in regulating motility too. If it is too unpleasant, perhaps a lower dosage of coffee would be more suitable for you. Great question!


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