Holistic Healing Starter Bundle


Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to a renewed sense of vitality with the Holistic Healing Starter Bundle. Take control of your well-being and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to transform your health.

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What is Included?

  1. 5 Pillars to Heal Your Gut Course and workbook (97.97€ value)
  2. HP Protocol – a 12-step process that covers every base of physiological holistic wellness (399€ value)
  3. Food Sensitivities Diet course and workbook (89.99€ value)
  4. Hormone Balance & Sleep Solutions Course (69.99€ value)
  5. How To Heal Histamine Intolerance & Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Course (54.99€ value)
  6. Mitochondrial Makeover – Fix Brainfog and Fatigue (64.99€ VALUE)
  7. Comprehensive Food Sensitivities Document (24.99€ value)
  8. Clean Keto Optimised Course (74.99€ value)
    1. BONUS*  Food Combining Ebook (4.99€ value)
  9. The 5 BIGGEST Blocks to True Healing Ebook (4.99€ value)
  10. Candida Group Coaching LIVE Masterclass (20.00€ value)
  11. Mold & Mycotoxin Detoxification LIVE Workshop (247.97€ value)
  12. Health Elevation LIVE workshop – to bridge the gap between mainstream and alternative healing (44.99€ value)
  13. Emotional Root Cause Of Disease & Metaphysics LIVE Workshop (80€ value)

Oh yea, they poop it like it’s hot! And they might have 99 problems, but the gut ain’t one.

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