Calorie-Up Shake is a popular drink that can benefit individuals who aim to increase their calorie intake or gain weight. This delicious and nutritious shake contains high levels of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, making it an ideal choice for those with high metabolism. To ensure that the shake is perfect, it is important to use fresh and high-quality ingredients free from preservatives. Additionally, adding fruits and other nutritious add-ins can make the shake tastier and healthier.
Calorie-Up Shake is not only helpful for individuals who need to increase their calorie intake but also for athletes and bodybuilders who require a high amount of calories to fuel their workouts. Drinking the shake after a workout helps in muscle recovery and replenishing glycogen stores, which is crucial for optimal performance.
Calorie-Up Shake is not only beneficial for those looking to gain weight but also for athletes and bodybuilders who need to consume a high amount of calories to fuel their workouts. Drinking Calorie-Up Shake after a workout can aid in muscle recovery and replenish glycogen stores.
In summary, Calorie-Up Shake is an easy-to-make drink that can aid in weight gain and help individuals achieve their calorie goals. By using high-quality ingredients and adding nutritious add-ins, you can make the perfect Calorie-Up Shake that caters to your taste buds and nutritional requirements. Drinking the shake after workouts can also help with muscle recovery and performance. So why not try making a delicious and nutritious Calorie-Up Shake today?

Calorie-Up Shake

Recipe by William DickinsonCourse: BreakfastDifficulty: Easy


Prep time



650 - 900


A quick high nutrient, high-calorie shake to make sure you're hitting your daily requirements.


  • 4 Whole large eggs
    4 egg yolks and 30g protein powder (for egg white sensitivities)

  • 30g coconut oil (2 tbsp)

  • 1/2 cup low-carb vegetable juice

  • Optional
  • Half avocado

  • 50g yoghurt, kefir, or sour cream

  • Cacao or cocoa powder to make a chocolate shake


  • For whole eggs; simply crack 4 whole eggs into the blender. If sensitive to egg whites: Carefully remove all white from the egg yolk, you may even have to remove the membrane surrounding the egg yolk with care. Add 4 egg yolks to a blender, followed by 30g protein powder.
  • Add liquid coconut oil to a blender.
  • Add vegetable juice to a blender.
  • Add any additional optional ingredients you wish.
  • Blend thoroughly.
  • Serve and consume immediately.


  • I would recommend an animal-based protein powder if you use one. Animal protein powders have a more appropriate blend of amino acids to nourish your body.
  • This shake is best consumed cool, but not cold. Too cold and the coconut oil will solidify, which isn't very pleasant.
  • I only listed a few popular optional ingredients. Assuming you keep the egg yolks, coconut oil, and vegetable juice ingredients as a core of the recipe, feel free to add anything that works well for you (peanut butter, spirulina, supplement powders, frozen fruit, etc.)
  • If you're eating higher carbs or can't digest this much fat and want to replace it with some carbs, you can swap some of the coconut oil for a banana or some honey.

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